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Gratis verzending vanaf €55
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Spare parts | Joque Cover | dildo belt

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Colour: black
Merk: Spareparts
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We present... the new Joque: Joque Cover! This is truly an even finer, beautiful product than the original Joque! The Joque has been perfected down to the smallest detail to be used for more ultimate comfort & enjoyment. So:

"Don't be caught without a Joque Cover strapon"

The new design has a narrow cover over the elastic O-ring. The O-ring has a lower profile and with the translucent logo the new Joque Cover has a more delicate appearance.
As always, the belts are handmade in the stylish UnderWear/Harness jockey style. The two straps around the buttocks are made for fun, comfort, quality and functionality.
The New Joque Cover is also versatile with a wide range of sizes, because it is fully adjustable and so lightweight that it feels like a virtual second skin... All this also makes it a sexy item when you wear it without a dildo.
The new elastic O-ring, in the Joque Cover, is located in the same place in the belt as the original Joque, but the ring has been redesigned and made flatter. This gives the ring a lower profile and looks nicer. The O-Ring is made of stretch elastic and has the same high-quality material as the harness. This allows the stretch of the O-ring to retain its shape. The stretch of the O-ring makes it suitable for a variety of different dildos, including double dildos! So you have a wonderfully wide choice of experiences with the New Joque Cover.
The O-ring design means you can easily use a variety of shapes and sizes of dildos. You slide your toy through and slide it out again when you're done :).
For larger dildos or the stiffer toys - those with a natural skin feel or textures with resistance - you can use the * Bag Trick .
* You put a plastic (sandwich) bag around the dildo and effortlessly slide the dildo through the O-ring. Once properly in place, remove the plastic bag again. Good tip because the plastic bag makes sliding easier and faster.
The Joque Cover has 3 compartments on the inside, in which a vibrating bullet fits. One above and below the O-ring, and one -new-, larger bag for larger vibrators...
You can easily operate the bullets from the outside, through the fabric of the cover. The vibrations are wonderfully transmitted - to the toys and on the skin - and are extra pleasure for the wearer and partner!
The New Joque Cover is also a perfect underwear/harness for packing & role playing. The addition of an elastic band, which can be wrapped around the bottom portion of a given toy, provides extra assurance that packers will stay in place. Now enjoy the natural contour and shape that the front cover of your packer shows even more!
The New Joque Cover is made of high-quality nylon/spandex and has unique moisture-wicking elements that remove moisture from the body. This ensures better breathability of the fabric and longer wearing comfort. The materials are machine washable and are therefore very water resistant.
The material is incredibly lightweight and also feels soft against your skin.
Because it is both flexible and adjustable, the Joque Cover easily adapts to the body. The size is very generously adjustable. That's why there are only 2 sizes to choose from: A and B size.
Diameter O-ring suitable for dildos: 3 - 6 cm.
Which size Sparepart dildo belt to choose:
Measure to determine whether you need an A or B belt. It is also important to determine how you will wear the belt: on your hip or at your waist.
Belt hip circumference: 51 - 127 cm
Leg straps: 61 – 89 cm.
Belt hip circumference: 89 - 165 cm
Leg straps: 76 - 114 cm.

Spareparts is also perfect for people with a vegan lifestyle.