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Ode to Masturbation


We humans are sexual beings, just like the bonobo monkey and dolphins we also have sex outside of our fertile time. Just for our pleasure! So it is quite natural that we seek out that which gives us pleasure and pleasure.

Hanni Jagtman

Although sex is no longer so cramped, that acceptance is often not the case with masturbation. It is still seen as something embarrassing or shameful, which you would rather not talk about. Deadly sin of course! Therefore an ode to masturbation, because masturbating has all kinds of benefits! Below is a list of a few.


Well, nothing has to be done but it's good! And it is also convenient because you can always have sex with yourself. It's a pity that we often make such a fuss about it.
Therefore an Ode to masturbation because:


• It's healthy and puts a blush on your cheeks: An orgasm a day keeps the doctor away . Masturbating gets your blood flowing faster, and good blood flow keeps your heart and blood vessels healthy. Sex also releases all kinds of heavenly chemicals in your brain, even when you masturbate. These substances: dopamine and endorphins , are also called love chemicals. These help you to be positive in life and feel more connected. It will literally make you feel happier! For example, fear and anxiety are greatly reduced by the release of these substances.

• More energy & focus: You can also masturbate without the goal of reaching a peak orgasm. You build up a lot of sexual energy but you don't go through to discharge. If you stop just before you come, you will reach the so-called ' plateau '. Your body is throbbing with the accumulated energy. You can use this energy to focus. This is an ancient method and a well-known practice among top athletes and artists on the eve of a great achievement.

• Selflove is my religion: During an orgasm you lose awareness of time and space for a short moment; you are free from your worries and yourself. For a fraction you are free from everything! This is also the moment when you become detached from your identity, your ego and the worries of everyday life. In this way you briefly touch something universal and infinite that is very close to us. This is why tantra and taoist movements see sexuality as a path to enlightenment.

• Self-knowledge & self-love: You have a body! Feel it, discover it: what does this do, and what does that do ? We are super playful and discovering as children, but it is taboo when it concerns our or someone else's genitals. That is off limits and is frowned upon or perceived as uncomfortable. So it's not surprising that we don't have such a good relationship with that part of our body. However, the body is the most beautiful instrument there is, play it! Discover in yourself what you like, what feels good, how fast you can go and how sensitive you are to the lightest touch. This way you can discover what you like best.
But also your whims and your dynamics; when do you need loving touch; or when you just want to go fast and hard. You will experience that the relationship with yourself begins to change. You will gain more appreciation and admiration for yourself. Besides, how can we be intimate with another if we are strangers to our own body and we ourselves don't know what we like? Self-knowledge & self-love is a must for your sex and love life with others. You can tell the other person what you like and don't like. You are then not dependent on the grace or (in) skill of the other. So, take responsibility for your own lusts seriously.

• A good night's sleep: Not only love chemicals and hormones are released during self-gratification, but also oxytocin , the blissful cuddle hormone and stress reducer. These are a blessing for your night's sleep. Fulfilled and satisfied, you enjoy the best and deepest sleep. Today, in our global and technocratic world, most of us do what we mainly use our heads for: behind the computer. We are often mentally tired at the end of the day, but not always physically tired. That's why a game of masturbation as a nightcap is not a bad idea at all...

• Masturbating in all the colors of the rainbow: Masturbation is like eating. Sometimes you go to the snack bar for a quick bite. The other day, settle down for a romantic 3-course candlelight and rose petal dinner. So it is with sex. There are many forms of self-gratification. One is not better than the other. Try all the flavors and enjoy. And just like with food: variation is tasty and healthy!


You always have your hands with you, nice and easy! But a vibrator has many advantages, as do many other toys . With a vibrator, almost every woman can come quickly . But you can also enjoy it for a long time and intensely by involving your whole body and delaying your orgasm. A vibrator does not get tired and you can caress your clitoris and lips endlessly. But also in your pussy there is a lot to discover and you can look up the places of pleasure.

As far as we're concerned: "Every girl a vibrator!"


With a dildo you can penetrate yourself and the deeper lying hot spots, such as G-spot / Prostate stimulation. You can of course always use your fingers or combine it with a vibrator. Dildos come in a variety of sizes, from a picturesque model  to the big stallion. In addition, you also have dildos for special effects, such as the Bouncer from the Fun Factory . This handmade dildo has 3 balls inside that you feel move when you use it, and provide extra stimulation!


Vibrator , the name says it all. This toy vibrates. These vibrations stimulate your body inside and out. On the outside, especially the vulva, clitoris and perineum are favorite. Inside the vagina, all the highlights your body has to elicit pleasure: (A-spot, U-spot) and of course the more familiar G-spot. But the sensually sensitive anus loves vibration. The outside the clitoris is just the tip of the volcano. She has about 6000-8000 nerve endings that spread out in your vagina. Go on a journey of discovery to get to know your body and your pleasure better. A vibrator is patient and you can use it for hours without any problems.


There are vibrators that have a smooth or ribbed phallus shape, like our trusty Patchy Paul . But also vibrators with an extra bulge that can directly stimulate the clitoris during penetration, so double the pleasure! The settings of the motor go from very light, exciting to hard and pulsating. Miss Bi has two motors, one for the phallus part and one for the clitoral stimulator so you can vary and turn one on and off, with lots of play options!

The powerful Pulsator moves back and forth and is in a class of its own! The fucking movement the Stronics make is a trigger for the G-spot.


A masturbator like the Fleshlight Ice Lady Crystal (pictured below) is a perfect toy for the penis. It has two motors that make pulsating movements so that you feel it rippling all over your cock. This gives it a unique pull-like sensation.

A prostate stimulator, such as the Duke, is inserted anally where it stimulates the prostate and perineum. The Duke has a powerful, vibrating bullet that provides the entire toy with a nice vibration. The prostate is similar to the G-spot. The seminal fluid is produced in the prostate and a man can also ejaculate via prostate stimulation. It is good for the prostate to regularly 'relieve' itself of this fluid. The perineum is the erogenous external zone: the part between balls and anus. The perineum is also very happy with the vibrating stimulation! The Duke has a vibrating bullet, which causes the Duke to vibrate. The bullet is rechargeable, waterproof and can also be used separately.


Always use a lubricant with your toy, but even without a toy, a lubricant makes the difference. It makes everything nice and smooth, soft and all the more fun and delicious! It is necessary for anal sex. After all, there are no natural lubricants here and the anus wall is very vulnerable.


We love this manufacturer and its products. All Fun Factory toys – and all sex toys we sell – are made of safe, high-quality silicone. What is special about this manufacturer is that they design and produce in Germany. That is closer to home and better for the environment and the control of health and safety is better guaranteed. The Fun sex toys are made of solid silicone and therefore flexible. That's also very nice! Do not use silicone lubricant in combination with these toys. This affects the silicone in your toy. TRIPLEGLIDE is the only exception to that rule.

Use a nice water-based lubricant, such as Pink or our TRIPLEGLIDE .