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The Best Ben-Wa Balls


Get started with the Ben-Wa balls, cones, vagina balls, a vibrator egg or other tools that help you with your pelvic floor exercises!

On this page you will find an overview of the various possibilities for experimentation. The descriptions are in line with the main differences and benefits that these products offer. At the end of this page you will also find three books that we would like to recommend because they contain very concrete information & tips. Mail & Female wishes you a lot of fun with your choice and if you have any questions you can always drop by, call, email and chat.

Hanni Jagtman


We really like to advise you, because in our vision we are talking about the basis of good luck or bad luck. We will explain here what Ben-Wa balls or vagina balls have to do with it.

Every person is different and what one finds a great sensation, the other leaves cold... We prefer to see everyone happy ! And because you know that your sex life is an important part of your happiness , you came to us to inform you about your essential love muscles.


You will notice the condition of your pelvic floor muscles as soon as you can't hold your pee - and sometimes poop - while sneezing or laughing. It then becomes clear that your muscles are weakened. So it's high time to intervene and you could use some help for that.

For example, if you are a 50-year-old woman, you have not given birth and you do yoga; then your condition is different from a woman of the same age, with children and without a sporting existence. In all cases, it is mainly a matter of taste, budget, and the degree of challenge desired. The products vary from a few balls to a vibrating egg with a training program. If you click on the photos shown here, you can go straight to the products, and you can also order them directly. Read about pelvic floor exercises here .

  • Duo/single Ben-Wa balls
  • Barbells & Dildos
  • Other practice tools
  • The best pelvic floor books


Do you just want to start somewhere, try something and not spend a lot of money? Then choose one of these Ben-Wa silicone balls . They are hollow balls, wrapped in a layer of silicone with a weight inside. They are available in single and duo versions.

The variation in these types of balls is the greatest, and you will find them in many colors and designs. Ben-Wa balls are comfortable to wear and are very pleasant due to the stimulating taps it exerts against the vaginal wall. Especially during sports and dancing, they will help you to use your muscles: tense and relax. The variants differ in size and weight. A single ball is lighter and great to start with. 'Fun Factory' releases the Uno and the Duo . With the Ben-Wa balls Luna Noir from 'LELO' you can choose whether you use one or two balls. Two Ben-Wa balls don't necessarily have to be too heavy for you. The nice thing about 2 balls is that the effect of the moving balls inside is more noticeable in your vagina. Check out the site for exercises . For more information; exercises and the meaning of your 'love muscles', you can read on our web blog: Love Academy .


An example of a 'ball set' concept is, for example, the Luna Noir from 'LELO'. This set consists of 2 balls that you can use separately. This way you can start relaxed with 1 ball, and make your practice instrument as heavy as you want. The Dutch designer 'Rianne S.' also has such a constructed set; the Pussy Play Balls. These balls also vary in weight but are solid. So there are no moving bullets in this, as with the Luna Noir. Both sets are fun and clever designs to play with and vary. More serious is the Ami exercise set from the 'Je Joue' brand. This set consists of 3 parts that together form a build-up trajectory.


The Japanese geisha can use her vaginal muscles to make these heavy balls roll, dance and move in her yoni (vagina). This is anatomically possible because all kinds of muscles run in different directions in the vagina. It's a bit long to elaborate on this, but it's certainly interesting! It is, of course, part of the knowledge of our bodies and little by little we lift the veils over our mysteries. We are not yet as far as the geishas :), that would take a lot of practice. Geisha balls are made of solid metal. They are small and heavy balls and therefore high in terms of difficulty.


If you are interested in the tantric art of love, you can opt for Tantra eggs made of solid gemstone. The property of the stone contributes to your well-being and varies in meaning. The jade egg is best known. Mail & Female has 4 types: jade, rock crystal, pink quartz and jasper. The exercises with these tantra or yoni eggs are based on tantric and taoist love teachings and involve your whole being: body, heart and mind. The tantra eggs are a recommendation for women who are interested in the theory of this love teaching and want to practice it. If you want to learn more about this: there are a number of articles on this subject on our website: Love Academy .


Every woman, of every age, can start with pelvic floor exercises! That's the good news, plus you'll be rewarded tremendously for your efforts. You will benefit physically, mentally and sexually. Of course it is better to be there in time, but in the end you can bring your muscles back into shape. The balls and eggs can help you with that. You will soon experience that practicing with vagina balls also feels very nice. The exercises activate erotic stimuli in this area and before you know it you walk all day with a big smile 🙂

ben-wa balls from rianne s for the pelvic floor muscles in pink purple peach silicone
illustration of the pelvic floor muscles pc muscles love muscles of the male and female body
ben-wa balls set of three different sizes and weights in turquoise color
rechargeable vibrating LELO smart bead pelvic floor muscle ball in pink
dildo in granite natural stone for all sexes
njoy g-spot dildo pure wall of surgical steel with two size ends
sexual secrets of the man book by mantak chia about modern taoist love techniques


If you want to train with something other than Ben Wa balls or tantra eggs, you can experiment with dildos of some weight. We offer a nice range of products for this. For example, such a streamlined dildo made of surgical steel - like the pictured Pure Wand from Njoy . This brand has great dildos that are super suitable for pelvic floor muscle exercises. But dildos made of natural stone or glass can also be great practice instruments. You can also combine these toys well with sexual play, aimed at pleasure. For example, to stimulate the G-spot . You use these products lying down. Of course on a soft surface, so that these tools cannot be damaged. You insert the barbell/dildo and support it with your hands. Then you try to lift the barbell up with your muscles. It is comparable to a dumbbell for your arm muscles, for example. Dildos are great exercise tools for women who like to combine their exercise with sexual play.


For men, these muscles and the state of fitness are just as important. Men can experience all kinds of unpleasant complaints when these muscles are weak. He also cannot control the control of urination and sphincter muscles. Consequences for sex can be that he has problems with ejaculation; a general feeling of lethargy; loss of potency and low libido. Improving this situation with exercises and dildos can be done in the same way as described above, and then through the anus. Learn more about this at our Love Academy.


There are smart vagina eggs that have a training program and that (very nice) are also a vibrator for fun & pleasure. An example of such an egg is the Luna Smart Bead . A great product for women who want to train seriously and who also like to be pampered. The intelligent Smart Bead from 'LELO' indicates the exercise and lets you feel exactly what you need to do. The Bead knows what you need and shows you the drill. You don't have to think any further and you just follow the rhythm he indicates. Smart! Have you practiced enough? Then switch on the Smart Bead for instant masturbation pleasure! Also Smart because an orgasm is also a good muscle exercise anyway!


It is not much attention, but men also have pelvic floor muscles. For men, a good condition of the pelvic floor muscles is important to maintain good control over his erection and sphincter muscles. For more info & exercises, read the article on the Love Academy . A good trainer for the male PC muscle is the cock ring JNaja . We see JNaja as an equivalent of our Ben-Wa balls. The Aneros anal dildo shown below is also a very good training & pleasure tool in one. The Pure Plugs from Njoy come in different weights and are just as beautiful as they are functional as a practice instrument.


Get inspired and learn more about your body and your amazing sexual potential! If you want to delve into this matter, we can recommend the following books.


'The budding of the sensual woman' by Saida Deslilets: very empowering; This book will make you so happy to be a woman! What a great body we have and what a lot to enjoy if you pay attention to it... Be inspired by Saida Desilets. A lot of information also about how our body works and what it serves for and how to handle it properly. Also useful exercises for the tantra (yoni) egg. Read more about that at the Love Academy .

A must read for every man is the 'Sexual Secrets of the Man' by Mantak Chia. You can read all about the anatomy of the body here; what is beneficial for your sexuality and how to make it work for you.


Saida Deslilets sometimes comes to the Netherlands and she gives a lecture at Mail & Female and we work together in organizing workshops. You can read about this in our newsletter and on our website.