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The Pelvic Floor Muscles


We at Mail & Female get questions about pelvic floor muscles and Ben-Wa balls from many women. We are pleased that awareness of the importance for the pelvic floor area has gradually broken through. At least among women!

But what about the men...? Does anyone even know that men also have pelvic floor muscles? Both because of our health and for our libido, a subject that we would like to invite you to pay serious attention to.
Our m/f lust & life center is located in the pelvic area.

Hanni Jagtman

It is a pity that a lot of nonsense is also written about Ben-Wa balls . So you could expect it to make you cum... Now that is ultimately very good, but there is a bit of precedence! So let's get some facts straight so you know what to expect from Ben-Wa balls and related tools.

For more information about the Ben-Wa balls, read our article 'The Best Ben-Wa Balls' here.

  • What about the pelvic floor muscle?
  • Love Muscles!
  • Fitness exercises
  • Toolkits

It is important for everyone that the muscles in this area remain in good condition. For both men and women, your pelvic floor muscles relax as you get older. After all, it is a muscle and muscles relax. In women, problems of muscle relaxation are more common because this occurs more often as a result of pregnancy & childbirth.
In a woman, this bundle of muscles keeps the intestines in place (you probably know the stories about 'prolapse'). A man can check the condition of his muscles by moving his erect penis. He does that with these muscles, as well as interrupting a pee.

Very functional you can say that our pelvic floor muscles ensure that we can hold in our pee / poop. And you want to avoid wearing panty liners! But beyond these discomforts, the pelvic floor muscles have a lot to do with the experience of our sexuality. We like to talk about our 'love muscles'…


A more erotic reason to train this area optimally has to do with the fact that this area also houses your sense of sexuality! A good condition of the pelvic floor muscles ensures good blood circulation in this area. And the blood flow keeps the vaginal wall elastic. As a result, the vaginal wall will retain its juiciness and the love juices will continue to flow (even after menopause). For men , the condition of the pelvic floor area allows him to control his ejaculation. Men with erectile dysfunction – if they have no other medical or psychological cause – can find immediate relief from their problem by improving these muscles.

Je Joue ben-wa silicone balls in different sizes and weights, in pink
tantra spiritual yoni eggs for training the pelvic floor muscles of natural stone
vibrating ben-wa balls for training the PC muscles from We-Vibe with different weights and a We-Connect App
prostate massager for the pelvic floor muscles of the man in white by Aneros
Njaja ​​cock ring in 3D print in black color

It is therefore not for nothing that Mail & Female prefers to call the pelvic floor muscles 'love muscles'. This bundle of muscles encloses your most important energy center: your love and sex center. Here is the life source from which your need for (self) love and (self) sex springs. This is also an area with which we cannot have sufficient contact and 'connection'. Especially for women, because we don't have a view of our genitals like a man.


Is the area cramped and there is no 'understanding'. Let alone love for your pleasure organ. The result is a barren area without vital juices. This may sound a bit floaty and mysterious at first, but when you get started with the exercises you will notice that better contact with your pelvic floor area will give your sensuality and sexuality an enormous boost; you become more sensitive. The exercises are not complicated, and fortunately we are very capable of keeping or bringing these muscles in good condition. You do this with the so-called Kegel exercises . These exercises are discussed in the adjacent tab.


1. The good blood circulation of the pelvic floor area makes you more sensitive. 2. Your vagina becomes juicier because the wall remains elastic.
3. Your erection is harder due to the better blood flow.
4. You can control your orgasm; e.g. postpone it.
5. You become more orgasmic; come easier.
6. Your sex drive originates in your pelvic floor area.
7. Your body reacts when you tense and relax your muscles, it tingles and tickles there again like a teenager in love.
8. Good communication with your lower body makes you more positive about your body and your feelings of lust.
9. It is a wonderful feeling to experience sexual arousal coming from within yourself.
10. You become a happier person with a good sense of self-esteem.

If you want more background information and how-to's, go to our Love Academy

Worrying about the lack or desire for sex can have many causes. Sometimes the cause is very deep and the solution is a matter of working on it for years. You can quickly achieve success if you maintain, train, give love and attention to your love muscles. For anyone who is inspired and wants to start right away, here is the love muscle fitness with the 'Kegel exercises':

  • Your pelvic floor muscles tense and relax without simultaneously contracting other muscles, such as your leg, buttock or abdominal muscles.

  • Tense the pelvic floor muscles as you exhale and relax them as you inhale.

  • Contract the muscles 15 to 20 times, holding the tension for one second. Slowly build this up to two times 50 times. Practice this twice a day.

  • Once you are used to the previous exercise, hold the muscle tension longer. Gradually increase the number of seconds you can hold the muscle tension to more than a minute. Also practice putting pressure on the muscles (squeezing). You can do that by 'opening up' your anus after urinating.

  • Do the exercise in different positions (lying down, sitting). You can do it anywhere; nobody sees it. Make it a daily habit! It is very important that you pay attention to your breathing; deep breaths to let the energy flow!

  • You can do these exercises very well with one of the tools - which we discuss in the adjacent tab - because you can feel your muscles better.

In addition to the regular Ben-Wa balls , there are great practice kits. With such a kit you can build up your exercises and monitor your progress. For example, holding the heavy cone is a challenge, but all the more fun to notice that, after a while of practice (2 months), you can do it. You will also soon notice a good proof of increased vaginal power during penetration, if you are able to clamp a penis or dildo with your muscles.


Why would you actually want to use Ben-Wa balls, or Geisha balls or the Tantra egg ? Important motivations are health problems or because you intend to improve your sex life. In all cases, the Ben-Wa balls ec are the perfect helpers. You feel the relaxation in your vagina better if there is something in your vagina that you clamp your muscles around.


In principle, the same applies to men as described above. With a prostate dildo you can let your muscles work very specifically. The special Velv'Or cock ring has a nice subtle effect. You wear this cock ring during your daily work. The ring stimulates the perineum and the prostate overlying it. The ring makes you aware of the importance of your love muscles and your desire to train them positively. The Aneros prostate dildos are great products to practice and play with!


It is essential for your sexuality to be in good contact with your pelvic floor area and to ensure that your pelvic floor muscles are in good condition. That starts with awareness: if you put the balls in the morning, then that is a conscious act with a purpose. You intend to pay attention to your vagina. You feel the balls sit well and you regularly squeeze. It automatically has an erotic effect to know that you have balls in, because after all you are very positive about 'sex' and that feels good!

Same story for the penis: surround your penis with the Jnaja and consciously squeeze your muscles to feel it well.


Here you will find a number of situations that may apply to you. Each situation refers to information about products that are best suited to that information. Read through the situations, choose the description that fits and make the best choice for you. If you have any questions, you can of course always contact us. We are happy to help you!

  1. My pelvic floor muscles clearly need to be strengthened and I still have little experience with practicing with Ben-Wa balls .

  2. I find it especially exciting to play with it. As far as I'm concerned, they can be quite a bit heavier balls and I don't need a cord to take them out. The original geisha balls may be a nice option for you.

  3. I'm looking for something that connects to tantra techniques and from natural materials. Tell me more about the tantra eggs.

  4. I want to experiment with something other than balls. It has to be something that I can really fit into the love game in an erotic way.

  5. I want an egg that I can also use as a vibrator for clitoral stimulation. In this case we have a great balls with vibration and exercise programs !

  6. I'm a man; is there something for me to exercise my pelvic floor muscles? I've never really thought about it, but I'm curious about the possibilities for the man.

  7. First I want to delve a little deeper, and I would like to know more about what you think are the best books .

  8. Do you have more serious problems or is your problem that you are too cramped? Then we recommend the help of a pelvic floor specialist. The GP can refer you.

  9. NB it also happens that your pelvic floor muscles are too tight. That requires a completely different exercise and approach than described here!

  10. All exercises can be done by all people with some adjustments.