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Sensuva | On Sex Drive for Him

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Merk: Sensuva
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On sex drive is a cure and works as an energy booster after some time of use. It is a great cure for 18+ men who suffer from low energy levels. This can lead to a lack of libido with negative consequences for your sex drive. On Sex Drive can also be used by men looking for more stamina. You can therefore also use it to improve your training or sports performance.

How to use:
You apply an amount the size of a hazelnut twice a day to a spot where there is no hair growth. For example on the biceps or wrists. Rub the cream in nicely until it is absorbed by the skin. Keep this up for a period of 30-45 days. For an extra boost, you can also use On Sex Drive 30 minutes before having sex.

What is it:
ON libido is a clinically proven bio-active treatment with a mix of botanical extracts. The active nutrient penetrates directly into the bloodstream and helps restore a healthy sex drive.

For who is it:
On Sex Drive for Him is a super booster for men over the age of 18 who suffer from loss of sex drive due to reduced energy.