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Sensuva | ON libido | cream

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Merk: Sensuva
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ON Libido is a cream composed of natural products that stimulate sexual desire. Your libido can be in a 'dormant' state for various reasons and can be brought back to normal with the right means. We have good experiences with this product.
There are quite a few libido remedies for men, but it is logical that as a woman you can also use a little push in your back to get 'the mood for sex' again. It's very frustrating when you want to but can't muster the lust. This cream works as a cure that helps to strengthen your libido. You rub a little of the active cream daily on the inside of the wrist, where it is absorbed into the bloodstream.
ON Libido claims:
- Natural increase in sexual desire and arousal.
- Makes you more sensitive to stimulation.
- Helps balance sex hormones.
- Strengthens energy and elevates mood.