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Gratis verzending vanaf €55
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Pink | Silicone lubricant

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€1,25 - €32,50
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Measure: 80ml
Merk: Pink
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Pink silicone is a popular lubricant for several reasons. First of all, it is a silicone lubricant that stays smooth for a long time, feels velvety soft and never gets sticky.
Pink is a Dimethicone silicone based lubricant. Silicones can be divided into water-resistant silicones, water-soluble silicones and volatile silicones. The first group is resistant to water and provides a waterproof protective layer on the skin. Dimethicone is the toughest form of this water-resistant silicone and ensures that the lubricant works perfectly.
All the fine ingredients together make this Pink particularly popular. Extra for this lubricant is the vitamin E; Aloe Vera is nice for the vagina! It gives a wonderfully soft and caring feeling.
The added ingredients are also specially intended to prevent allergic reactions and infections if you are sensitive to them.
Attention is also paid to the design; the beautiful bottles - check out the glass bottle! -, do not look out of place next to your bed or in your bathroom.
Pink is a lubricant with the perfect combination of style and function.
There is one important fact that you should take into account when choosing this product.
Pink silicone is not suitable for use with your silicone sex tools . This information is not known to all users, but it is important. The lubricant will eventually make the silicone of the toy porous.
Nice long glide & massage:
A silicone lubricant is great for all forms of sex: penetration & masturbation and you can also give wonderful body massages with it!