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Laid | D.2 | Absolute Black Granite

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Merk: Laid
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D.2 Stone Dildo is handmade from Absolute Black Granite. The special extra value of this dildo is the age of the type of stone, which is millions of years old. Absolute Black Granite (Gabbro) is the type of stone this dildo is made of. The D.2 Stone Dildo was designed by people who know the different uses. For example, the shaft of the dildo is slightly twisted and has a wide, flat head. This side is ideally suited for G-spot stimulation. The other side is smooth and slimmer and allows for easy movement in and out.
Beautiful natural stone dildo made of polished Black Norwegian Moonstone. The brilliance of the silver flakes creates a beautifully lively object; Just looking at it is a pleasure!
Natural stone makes a valuable contribution to the pleasure that a sex tool has to offer.
The weight and shape make the Laid dildo a great G-spotter, as well as for stimulating the hotspots deeper in the vagina.
Read about cervix massage here .
Each item is carefully shaped and cut by hand from Absolute Black Granite (Gabbro). This object is a pleasure: to have, to cherish and to use! Not only for stimulation of the G-spot, but also for anal pleasure.
Natural stone feels powerful and the heaviness of the stone contributes to the pleasure.

The stone is non-porous and can be easily maintained hygienically.
Absolute black granite (Gabbro)
Weight: 422 grams
Origin: Shanxi, China
Age: About 500 million years
Length: 12.5cm