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Your Your | Ami | exercise set for powerful pelvic floor muscles

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Colour: Violet
Merk: Je Joue
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glijmiddel hybride op waterbasis van pink met verzorging indulgence mail female
Pink | Indulgence | hybrid lubricant - 100ml

Your PC muscles are the pelvic floor muscles that hold your abdominal organs in place. By now we all know that we can keep our pelvic floor muscles in good condition through training. It prevents very annoying 'women's ailments' such as prolapse and urine loss.
What we like to draw attention to is about our enjoyment experience. Because very important - and not everyone knows this - is that we can increase the quality of our sexual pleasure and orgasm by exercising these muscles. You have more grip, so you feel more sensations during penetration. The exercises ensure better blood circulation in the pelvic floor area and the vagina. That makes it easier for us to reach and intensify our orgasms. This applies in particular to the G-zone.
The velvety soft balls of the Ami exercise set come in three versions. There are weights in the soft casings. They vary in weight and size. Two Amis are equipped with two iron weights and one Ami has a solid weight.
You can use them in different ways. Depending on your personal circumstances and preference. All three are suitable to wear during your daily activities.
They are not only training equipment, they are also fun toys! You will have a lot of fun moving the balls in and out of your vagina. Have a nice one too
water-based lubricant.
Ami 1 – 47g
Ami 2 – 78g
Ami 3 – 106g
Length (excl. silicone straps):
Ami 1 – 36mm
Ami 2 – 80mm
Ami 3 – 70mm
Cross-section :
Ami 1 – 36mm
Ami 2 – 32mm
Ami 3 – 28mm

* Read about use and exercises here.