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Mail & Female | The Yoni Matrix | board game

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You only feel it when you know it... ! For good sex and intimacy you need to know what you can feel. That is why The Yoni Matrix starts with knowledge of how the brain and the body work.

The Yoni Matrix is ​​an exclusive edition of Mail & Female on its 30th anniversary. Play, learn and share. That's what Mail & Female is all about, that's why we've put together everything we -can- know about the yoni in this beautiful board game!
It's knowledge that makes you feel like it because it's about you!
Yoni is Sanskrit for 'Holy Temple', a beautiful name for our female genitals. You will experience by playing this game that the Yoni is a source of lust & inspiration.

The game consists of two rounds:
In round one you enrich your knowledge through questions and assignments about the Yoni, her anatomy, history and power.
In round two you go into depth and share your knowledge, experiences and issues that concern you at the moment with your sisters.

Why would you want to play this game:
Your sexuality and your own experiences are unique. But this game proves that we also have a lot in common and can learn from each other. Talking and learning about your femininity has never been so playful, engaging and normal as it is now, with The Yoni Matrix.

Why Mail & Female is releasing the Yoni Matrix:
Because sex is also mainly about playing at Mail & Female, it naturally had to be a game. The fact that we also take sex very seriously, and the women's cause in particular, forms the basis of the game.
After 30 years, Mail & Female have learned so much, spoken to so many women who are positive about their sexuality. It is a privilege to share this knowledge with all women (and the men who love her).'
Mail & Female wants to encourage women to rely on their own strength and experience to discover that love & sex comes from within; for & by yourself. Underlining that power with current knowledge from science makes the Yoni Matrixs a board game with depth, love and respect for the Yoni.

Composition & design:
Hanni Jagtman; text & concept
Froukje van der Velde; text & editing
Gerdien van Halteren; image & design

Two-sided game board for 2 - 6 people.
167 Knowledge cards; 23 assignment cards; 37 propositions and 31 theme cards
4 x 75 colored 'brilliant'
6 vulva pawns
2 dice
Book with answers and background on the content, divided into 5 Yoni chapters: Vulva, Clitoris, G-spot, Vagina, Uterus and (dessert) Orgasm.
56 pages.
Lots of fun!

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