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Womanizer | Arcwave ION | Air Pressure Masturbator

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Merk: Womanizer
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The Womanizer brand has now also developed a great pleasure instrument for the penis with the same technology as the Womanizer vibrators. This masturbator: The Arcwave Ion focuses exclusively on the tip of your penis, specifically your frenulum; the sensitive part of the back of the penis where the glans meets the shaft. Also known as frenulum . You do not have to make any thrusting movements with this masturbator ; you don't fuck, like you do with a Fleshlight, for example. Instead, your penis presses into the Arcwave and against the “Pleasure Air” technology part. There the penis finds the wonderful, satisfying suction & pulsation technique, which is felt against the back - the frenulum - of the penis...
You can easily adjust the intensity of the suction with the plus and minus buttons.
In addition to the intensity, the Arcwave Ion can also control the grip on your penis. When you strengthen the grip there is more pressure and you increase the feeling.
An orgasm is not effort but complete relaxation! Completely Zen…
Details :
Smart Silence; the Arcwave is only on when it is in contact with the skin. The stimulation starts and stops automatically when it makes contact.
CLeanTech silicone is hygienic to maintain.
The new type of silicone is hypoallergenic and resistant to UV light, which also makes it more durable.
Cleaning and drying is simply a matter of turning it open and rinsing with water.
Charging takes place in the storage base.
Inside dimensions: 8.7cm
Inside diameter: 3.3 cm

In the drawing you can see how the different genitals are the same.