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Aneros | Vivi Kegel Exerciser & G-Spot Stimulator

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Vivi is a pelvic floor muscle trainer with a program that allows you to do your PC exercises. You can easily follow the various programs via your mobile phone. You have interactive contact with your personal app so that you can immediately follow the effect of your exercises and receive feedback on what you are doing.
Vivi is also a pleasure product for your clit and G-spot!

Vivi has 4 levels of varied training models, so that you can start and develop from your own needs.
In different challenges of 10 workouts, you'll have a workout that you won't be reluctant to do in a playful way!

You do these exercises to regain or maintain the good condition of the pelvic floor muscles. This way you keep the basic power in your vagina, which strengthens your sense of security and self-love. The pelvic floor muscles are - apart from your health - essential for your orgasms and a lively feeling in your vagina.
The exercises are nice to do because the muscle movements feel good in your vagina. As an extra, with the Vivi you have the clit stimulator as a bonus, which of course makes a wonderful contribution to training!
You will achieve all your goals with 5 minutes of daily practice with Vivi. For your pleasure, you can hold the Vivi in ​​for as long as you like!

How to use Vivi:
Vivi App for iOS or Android phones to choose between 12 different vibration patterns or to control each of the two motors independently: Fun!
Before the workout, the app has a workout reminder function, so you can get the most out of your training sessions.

Product details:
Rechargeable and 100% waterproof
Length: 13.2cm
Cone: 6.4 cm
Clittriller: 8 cm
Includes storage bag, which also has a charging point.

Tip: read more about pelvic floor muscles at our Love Academy.