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Aneros | Progasm Ice | prostate massager

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Merk: Aneros
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This beauty is a variant of the previously released Aneros Progasm Classic, the largest prostate dildo in the Aneros series.

Aneros is the brand that first came up with dildos for the prostate, and they have continued to develop them. This beautiful smooth prostate massager has a perfect shape and finish.
The two balls at the bottom are there for a purpose. One bulb stimulates a spot under the tailbone, the so-called Kundalini point, also known as K-tap. You move the other part over the perineum that is stimulated by this, as well as the overlying P-spot.
Move the dildo up and down at a leisurely pace so that the balls can do their job. You can also do this movement without hands with your pelvic floor muscles. Tense and relax these muscles and let the massage of the prostate do its job. You can also move the dildo manually. If you use your pelvic floor muscles for the movement, it is a pleasant training for these important muscles!
The result of a prostate massage can be an overwhelming orgasm, but the way to it is just as nice and healthy for the prostate!
Length 11.4 cm
Top Ø 3.2cm center; Ø 3.3cm
Special: each of these transparent dildos is unique because each bubble is shaped differently :)