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Tantra egg | Jade | Yoni egg

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Measure: Medium
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This jade egg is solid, non-porous and has a hole for a wire.
The yoni egg is also called tantric egg. The egg is ideal for strengthening your pelvic floor and vaginal muscles. Training your vagina muscles gives you more control over your orgasms and saves you from ailments. The exercises are a good way to live more from your gut.
With the exercises; tensing and relaxing your vaginal muscles, you get to know the feelings in your genitals. This in turn increases sexual pleasure. The yoni egg is also an ideal product for tantra practice.
Jade promotes happiness and harmony, has a healing effect and restores your balance.
The sizes vary in size:
Small: between 30x25 mm and 30x20 mm
Medium: between 40x30 mm and 40x25 mm
Large: between 45x35 mm and 45x30 mm
Extra large: between 50x35 mm and 47x33 mm
Positive effects of exercises:
• gives a feeling of self-confidence.
• promotes blood circulation in the lower abdomen and retains energy.
• strengthens the pelvic floor muscles and the vaginal muscles.
• fights bladder incontinence and organ prolapse.
• promotes orgasmic power.
Which one to choose?
** The smallest and lightest egg is also the most difficult to hold.
**Medium; nice size if it should not be too big and you want to get used to it.
** The heavier eggs are the easiest to start with. Do this lying down if necessary.
Read more about the Jade egg & exercises with the egg on our