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LELO | Luna noir | ben wa balls

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The Ben-Wa balls from LELO; the beautiful and oh so effective balls for more feeling in your vagina and a better sex life... now even more beautiful in glossy black with a silver cast.
You can use the LELO Luna ben-wa balls according to your wishes and needs: with the 2 balls or with 1 ball. You can remove the balls from their stretchable silicone fitting and vary in use.
The hollow plastic balls have a heavy ball inside that moves with your every move; think of walking, dancing, exercising. This has the effect of subtle taps that you feel internally against your vaginal wall. You can think of those taps as a very gentle reminder of awareness from your vagina saying “hey I'm here too! Do not forget me!" It also makes you aware of your will to actively work with your vagina and that you are wearing the balls because you want to actively stimulate your pelvic floor muscles. The balls make you feel your pelvic muscles better and the exercises become more intensive.
You can also train your pelvic floor muscles lying down with the Ben-Wa balls. Handy for when you start with your pelvic floor exercises! The chance that the balls will pop out of your vagina is certainly not imaginary when you start your exercise.
Look here for more information about exercises on our site.
2 balls of 37 grams each.
Ø 3cm.